Private Photography Lessons in Katoomba

If you need to make rapid progress with your photography Andy offers private coaching tailored to meet your specific needs.

Andy's background in photography is travel based with lots of People and 'Street Photography'. He can help you with Composition, working with 'Available Light' and Landscapes.

For more advanced photographers that already have a body of work, he can help with portfolio selection.

Photography in Sydney: Barracks Cafe
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Private Photography Lessons


Tailor-made Private Lessons Whether you are a TOTAL BEGINNER in a hurry or a more experienced photographer wanting to take your photography to the next level, these intensive one-on-one lessons will make a big difference.
Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

 Private Photography Lessons are available in Katoomba/Leura in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

The cost is $100 per hour for one person. Add $25 per hour for each additional person.

Light and Shadows. Photography courses in Sydney, Australia