Creative Photography 1 Day: Blue Mountains

Creative Photography course in Blue Mountains. Long Shutter Speeds.Blue Mountains Creative Photography Workshop

If you have done one of our classes in Sydney or you already understand the basics of exposure, shutter speeds, f-stops and depth of field this one day workshop will help take your photography to the next level. We will explore a range of techniques and there will be many valuable tips on a wide range of photographic subjects. What we concentrate on will depend on participants interests and the prevailing conditions. Four seasons in one day is the norm; intense blue skies, swirling mists and golden sunsets, we will adapt the techniques employed accordingly. The class will be largely outdoors, weather permitting with interesting indoor sessions where appropriate. Free loan cameras and tripods are available as well as very effective rain capes for cameras. There will be a little walking but nothing too strenuous we travel from location to location on the double-decker Blue Mountains Explorer buses (Pass included). new-course-icon

Blue Mountains 1 Day Creative Photography Class

Take a break from the city and get creative with your photography in the delightful Blue Mountains.

Whatever the weather the mountains offer great oppurtunities to improve your photography. Thick mists create dramatic effects, a downpour puts energy into the cascades and falls. We will supply 'camera ponchos' if they are required.

The class will of course cover landscapes with tips and techniques that capture the grandeur of the location. We supply FREE loan tripods if you need one(please let us know in the comment section of the booking form.

We will look at 'macro' and low-light photography too, particularly useful under the canopy of the rainforest. If it's very rainy we will do some fun indoor photography with a single flash and improvised reflector.

The Art Deco buildings in Katoomba and Leura are great for improving your architechural photography.

Small group size for lots of 1on1 instruction.

Level: Did a class before/ Already know basics

Duration: 1 Day (7 hours approx.)

Cost: $245 (includes Entry Fees, Refreshments, 'Explorer' Bus Pass)

Photo workshop includes macro photography and close-ups
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Blue Mountains creative photography class

This is a brand new workshop for 2015 so obviously there are no reviews of this workshop yet. The following comments are here to give a feel of how we work.

Fantastic, logical, well presented and put across; very knowledgeable and professional; highly recommended. Thanks very much Andy - really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it.

Malcolm Beech-Allen

Andy, at last someone has authoritatively taught us about our cameras and their uses in a way that we completely understand and feel confident with. No more point and shoot for us...there is technique that really isn't beyond us if we practice. We greatly appreciated and thank you for your presentation style, patience and passion.

Brian Pieterse & Louise McCormack

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Landscape photography in Leura and Katoomba, Australia
Leura in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Important information:

The course is not weather dependent, the content will be adjusted to suit the conditions. What starts out as thick mountain mist (great for mood) can become a hot sunny day. A rainy afternoon might be spent looking at images and improving technique.

Please make sure you bring clothing for a range of weather conditions have something warm in your bag because it can get quite cool especially in the evening even in summer. Have a poncho or similar wet weather gear. We will supply rain covers for your DSLR if they are needed. Make sure you have sunblock and a hat as it can get quite fierce in the clear mountain air. Bring a refillable water bottle. We will get around on the Blue Mountains Explorer bus but there will be a little walking (nothing strenuous) so make sure you have solid non-slip shoes. No thongs please! : )

What to Bring:

Camera either a DSLR or Interchangeable-lens 'Mirrorless' or a High End Compact. Please include the model number in the form so that we can make sure it's suitable. We have FREE loan DSLRs -just let us know.

Bring a tripod -we have free loan ones so again just let us know on the form if you need to borrow one.

You will also need a spare camera battery and/or battery charger and a couple of memory cards, minimum 8gb per card. Plus note pad and pen.