Travel 2 Day Photography Workshop

Diagonal-Barrels250HIGHTravel Photography Workshop. This 2 day course will teach you the important technical stuff you need but also deals with the creative side. Includes tips and techniques for stronger travel images.

2 Day Travel Photography Course: Sydney

This 2 day photography course is perfect for travellers but is equally suitable for outdoor photography in general. You will dramatically improve the quality of your pictures. The course starts with the absolute basics of photography so is suitable for TOTAL BEGINNERS. Intermediate level photographers will also learn lots of new techniques and get chance to put them in to practice.

The course is designed to be enjoyable and to getting you shooting high quality travel photography rather than just holiday snaps. The course covers landscapes, portraits, street photography, macro and more with loads of tips along the way.

Day one covers all the fundamentals of using your digital camera. Designed to be fun as well as informative you will LEARN by DOING. Throw backgrounds out of focus to create stronger portraits, produce landscapes that have clarity and depth. Use shutter speeds to freeze fast moving action, long shutter speeds to turn rivers and cascades creamy.

Day Two covers the more creative side of photography. We explore 'Composition' as you learn to create stronger images with more visual impact. We look at the nature of light, how it changes according to the time of day, season, altitude etc. You will learn how it reveals colour, form and texture.

We finish with a fun Night Photography session. Make beautiful cityscapes with sharply captured buildings and glowing trails of light.

The small group means you get LOTS of personal attention

We have FREE Loan Cameras & Tripods

Level: Total BEGINNERS/Anyone wanting better Travel Images

Course Duration: Two Days (12-13 hrs approx)

Cost: $330 SPECIAL (Normally $395) Includes light refreshments

2 Day Travel Course in Sydney
No Classes in 2016
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Important announcement

After nearly Eight Years of running photography courses,  Di and I have made the difficult decision to close our small business down.

Sadly for us (and I think for photography in general) not enough people want to take their photography beyond the limits of the mobile phone.

Di and I would like to give sincere thanks to the 5000 plus people that have taken part in the classes. We hope that you continue to enjoy the wonderful world of photography.

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Andy & Di Piggott

Customer Comments

Your two day course was very well presented with theory and practical components of photography. I now have a better understanding of all aspects of my dslr. The course was enjoyable and fun to do. I'll be recommending this course to all of my photography friends. Thanks Andy and Di your course was excellent value for money. :-)

Geoff Marchant

Another good course, Andy, taking the basics and then applying them. I particularly appreciated the way you made specific remarks that related to the particular type of travel photography that individuals were looking at taking and the time you put in after we finished discussing lenses, equipment options etc. really enjoyed it, Thanks.

Stephen Hollings

The two day workshop was fantastic! I enjoyed the relaxed pace and friendly nature of the class. Each skill was taught in bite size pieces and I found it really beneficial to practice each skill before moving onto the next topic. Andy is a great photography teacher who caters the class to different levels of experience with ease. Thank you Andy for a great weekend!

Kristal Grainger

Thanks Andy, the 2 day workshop was great. I wondered if 2 days might be too long, but you made it so interesting and easy to understand that it went really quickly and I learnt loads.

Anna Joannides

Hi Andy, thank you so much. The course helped me to understand not only how to use the functions on my camera but which settings to use for different types of situations. This is the platform I was looking for to help me capture images the way I would like to, very happy and excited.

Bernadette Sawtell

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Important information:

In the case of bad weather:

If the weather conditions are too bad e.g. heavy rain or strong winds the class may be postponed and we will send a text message to your mobile phone based on the Bureau of Meteorology weather forecast at 6pm the day before the class. 

We will try to reschedule the class to suit the majority of participants.

What to Bring:

Camera either a DSLR or Interchangeable-lens 'Mirrorless' or a High End Compact. Please include the model number in the form so that we can make sure it's suitable. We have FREE loan DSLRs - just let us know.

Please make sure that your camera battery is fully charged and that your memory card is empty or has minimum 8gb of space. Plus a note pad and pen.