Testimonials & Feedback

I thought I could take a good photo, anyone can take a good photo. that was until I did the 1 day course with Andy, I now have the tools to take GREAT photos. Thanks Andy I had a great day, great weather and learnt so much. I would recommend the day course to anyone wanting to turn good into great.

Eileen Patterson

The course was much better than anticipated. My expectation was that we would be walking around taking photos of various sites and being told what camera settings to use. The education provided on how to use the camera is far more valuable. Thanks very much Andy, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Richard Tapner

Very practical and clear - everything very well communicated.

Graham Mclean

Very enjoyable . Helpful for those who have limited experience and knowledge of how to use an SLR camera to its best advantage.. I would recommend those beginners who are afraid to experiment with the buttons and dials on a camera......Need to have a go! But be guided as well . Thank you again.

Monica Nagy

Thank you for such a terrific introduction to photography. The workshop was well organized, appropriately paced, excellent value for money and held our interest all day. Thank you for being such an approachable and knowledgeable teacher and sharing your passion. I dragged my husband along to the course reluctantly on a Sunday morning but we have both come away from today's session truly enthused and eager to learn more and get the most out of our equipment. We're already looking at dates for workshop no. 2. Thank you! ( Ps morning tea was very much appreciated)

Crystal McKeough

Was great, I learnt a lot. Can't wait to do another one.

Tina Luchetti

As an absolute novices to the photography world, Lisa & myself found the 1 day beginners course to be ideal in our endeavours to firstly understand how to use our cameras and secondly how to take a picture which we would be proud of. Andy meet and exceeded everything that we imagined the course would entail and made it so that you wanted to come back and learn more. Which is exactly what we will be doing. The balance between theory and practice was perfect and the settings in the Botanic Gardens and surrounding areas made it a most enjoyable day. To Andy and Di thank you so much for the professionalism and courtesy that you afforded Lisa & self from day 1. Many many thanks. Gordon & Lisa

Gordon and Lisa Crockett

Andy is a knowledgeable and personable presenter, I thoroughly enjoyed the full day class ciao.

Jeff Lamb

It was a great class and very informative. I learned so much in a relatively short amount of time. Thank you!

Sheetal Thakorlal

This was an excellent workshop!! I thoroughly enjoyed it... the skills Andy has taught me have given me a working knowledge of my camera and now have a great base to start experimenting and practicing with.. I will definately be coming back for the other workshops!!

Leigh McDermott

Thanks Andy for a great day today (Sunday 3rd Nov). I learnt so much better hands on than reading a manual and found today a fantastic and valuable learning experience. s you promised at the beginning of the day, you built upon concepts which enabled reinforcement to happen. I was also a good group of people i.e. 80% of us were all real learners! Making it comfortable learning i.e., you treated all questions well and importantly reinforced "no question was dealt with as a silly question". Thank you for that. Yes, now I have to practice what I learnt so the onus is on me. Again many thanks for today & for the great notes your wife sent through. Kind regards with much thanks,

Mary Thompson

Hi Andy, Thank you so much for a wonderful morning. I thought the class was insightful and had the perfect mix of theory and hands-on practice. Things were explained in a very easy-to-understand manner, and you took the time to answer additional questions individually too which was very helpful. I'll definitely be spreading the word about your workshops. Thank you again, Claudia

Claudia Romero

I very much enjoyed Andy Piggott's 1 day workshop course, it has further expanded my interest and enjoyment in photography. Andy is a great teacher! His instructions and teachings were clear and his knowledge of photography is fantastic. My only recommendation is that from time to time Andy should change the location of the 1 day course, try different locations within Sydney's CBD as there is no shortage of eye catching environments to use for photographic purposes. I'd gladly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the basics of photography and getting to know their camera, I wish Andy all the best and that he continues to teach photography

Stephen Favaloro

Andy, I found your class to be very informative and even though it was a group class, you still allow for individuals to progress at their own pace. You kept my attention the whole day and left me wanting to learn more. I now hope that I can put what you taught me to good use in Nepal at the end of the year. See you for the second level course in coming weeks. Thanks again,

Peter Smith

Loved it! Thanks for a great day. I've had my Canon DSLR 5D mk II camera for nearly 2 years and never really used it in any other mode than auto. After the 1 day course with you I now not only use all 3 Exposure modes, but I'm now quite comfortable in full manual as well. I can also now understand what I read and look at on youtube regarding basic photography. I'm very much looking forward to the second day course with you.

Brad Cornish

Workshop was great! Informative and relaxed. Really appreciated your teaching style. Efficient and helpful communication prior to lesson too. Appreciated the chance to sit down and have a drink while learning. Including compact cameras with manual modes, and providing information about suitable classes for these really helped us make the right choice. I am interested in the possible 3hr composition workshop if it comes available. Thank you for a great day!

Nicole Mann

Thanks Andy, Had two great days, learned heaps. Really enjoyed the night time photography and the company of the group who attended. Thanks to Di as well. Hope you find time to have some lessons up here in Orange one day soon. Looking forward to attending further workshops. Thanks again for a very enjoyable weekend of photography.

Deborah Wright

Very enjoyable day, armed with all the knowledge to finally get out of that dreaded auto mode! Andy made the day nicely informal and the class notes and follow up info was also excellent. Will definitely recommend to others.

John Barry

Andy, Thank you for a very informative class with a few giggles along the way. The day was balanced just right with theory and practical. I was very impressed by the way you knew about all the different brands and what settings to use for each one, you made it very easy for everyone to flow through the class easily and keep up. Even though there were a few of us you ensured everyone got even one on one time with yourself and where able to answer all of our questions plus more. Thank you and I look forward to studying with you again soon. Maybe Vivid next year ;-) Kind regards Tarnya

Tarnya Major

Great workshop. I found it very informative and helped me build I on the knowledge (or lack of) that I had. Enjoyed doing the workshop with my 16 year old daughter Isabella. I have already recommended the workshop to a few people who are keen to enrol. You are a great teacher Andy and are great at explaining the basics so that it is easy to understand.

Nestor Lalak and Isabella