Creative Photography in Sydney – 1 Day Course

Photo course in Sydney: Creative Photography in practice.Creative Photography in Sydney - 1 Day Course Perhaps you have done one of our classes before, either the 'Half-Day' (was previously 3 hr) or the One day workshop. This is a 'level 2' workshop where we build on what was covered in the first workshop and look more at the creative side of photography. The course covers composition and design, understanding light and lots more. We finish with a fun 'Low-light and Night Photography' session. You may already know the basics of speeds and apertures or be getting back in to photography after a break, you will get lots out of this class as we take pictures around The Rocks. ... More Details & Booking Form
Level suitable for: DurationCostLocation
Have already done a course/Already understand Shutter Speeds & AperturesOne Day (6 to 7 hours)$195 (inc. Coffee & Cake)Sydney